Website Benefits

  • 01/11 With a website your customers have 24 hour access to your company.
  • 02/11 Your website can evolve and grow at the same pace as your business.
  • 03/11 With CMS you have the possibility to update your website yourself.
  • 04/11 With an e-commerce website there are no such thing as geographic limits.

Informational websites

Flavor Factory develops visually attractive websites that allow your customers to easily navigate through the information you have provided for them, thus allowing them to better understand and see your products and services.

Content management websites (CMS)

We also develop dynamic websites that allow you to modify, and update your websites yourselfs with no knowledge of programming. So, wether you are on a business flight, or on vacation a CMS website will allow you to stay competitve.

E-commerce websites

Flavor Factory can also set your business up with an e-commerce website, allowing you to reach potential customers around the world. Our e-commerce websites will also allow you to update your product list and manage your customer transactions with great effeciency.